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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Where have the last two weeks gone

On 10th June we met up with Soozie and Dave for lunch close to where they have moorings. The next day our four boats set off for Middlewich festival. We did two long days (long for me but normal for Christine 😀) and landed up mooring above Kings Lock. On our way we came across a woman whose partner had slipped at a lock and been carted off to hospital. She came over to have a gin and tonic with us. This is a new thing that Christine has implemented since she returned from the BCN Challenge, and a very good thing it is too. When hubby returned he had his arm plastered and strapped as he had broken his elbow. We spent the next day exploring Northwich and the day after Sandbach, both places new to me and both nice, smallish towns. I bought a velvet jacket in a charity shop in Northwich that will replace the one I used to wear in the '70s! Yet another visit to a hospital! This time it was Steve who has a rescue dog which gave him a nip. The festival really starts on Thursday evening and we went to the boaters' supper and then to the Narrowboat to see Pastry Shoes. On Friday I put up bunting on Olivia. As it was my first attempt at this I did wonder if my mop and a bit of broken fishing rod would suffice but with some baling string and insulation tape it did stay up all weekend.

We went to look at all the trading boats and also an enterprising person has bought an old bus and somehow is managing to sell all items for £1 (or a pand, according to Lorraine). I got a rather nice jacket. We found a folk session going on in the Boar's Head and stayed there for the rest of the evening. This festival is called FAB (for folk and boat) and although it is FABulous with multiple sessions going on, I would claim that many are not folk. However, it gives a platform for many singer/songwriters and there was some Morris dancing on the Saturday. Obviously we were lucky with the weather if 30+ degrees is lucky. One of my favourite sessions was by Bradford street band, the Peace Artistes.

After the festival the four boats went their separate ways. I headed up through Anderton, took a side run down to Runcorn just to say I have been there and then onto Lymm where there is a historic boat day to rival Braunston. The main difference being that some of these are huge wide beams. As per usual, Olivia has a slight oil leak which I am trying to get fixed but other than that all is fine and dandy on the good ship Olivia. Apologies for lack of photos but my technology is not very compatible. Must get that sorted.

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